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Non-Profit Ventures was founded by James R. Krause in 1992 to help non-profit organizations become optimally effective. Knowing that business savvy is critical to long-term success, he launched a firm dedicated to improving organizations’ business practices so that they could deliver high-quality services at reasonable cost.

Non-Profit Ventures understands that
bullet Non-profit corporations are often much more complex than for-profit businesses. In a society where retailers often have no contact with consumers, non-profit service providers almost always have frequent contact with their customers. The management and satisfaction of customers is a critical and often difficult part of doing business.
bullet Non-profits operate under one of several different organizational models, which often are not well understood by the boards of directors and staffs who run the agencies, causing major organizational dysfunction and failures of legal responsibility.
bullet Non-profit business operations are often not well understood or managed by those responsible for them. Operating budgets, fund raising and finance are the three major sources of non-profit angst and failure.

Non-Profit Ventures utilizes a strategic assessment process that proves much more effective than the typical strategic plan. Institutional Assessment Processenables the non-profit to resolve major operating problems, redesign for added organizational strength, and successfully address the requirements of complex projects. Governance, management, staffing, marketing, business systems, finances, and program needs are all individually assessed and reassembled as part of an integrated organizational whole.

The result of this work is a stronger, more agile corporation that has significantly more operational and financial capacity.

Our clients represent the spectrum of organizational types whose unique organizational characteristics and challenges require individually-tailored solutions. The chart below describes some of the organizational models and challenges to which Non-Profit Ventures can provide solutions.

Entity Type   Organizational Model   Common Problems, Rivalries
Alliances (national/state/regional/local)   Network organization  

Allocation of funds, policy/program consistency
Authority disagreements

Religious institutions

  Mixed hierarchical/
committee structure
  Inherent authority/responsibility dysfunction
Small organizations/ Grassroots groups   Cooperative model   No authority or accountability
Too many decision-makers who
may have no expertise.
Church/School or
  Split governance model  

Authority and legal liability issues
Allocation of operating revenues

Many organizational types   Perpetual board   Lack of needed expertise and commitment
Can circumvent corporation law
Community schools
Religious organizations
  Membership organization   May require votes on all policy issues
Subject to schism, board recall, chaos


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